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The Guild ultimately aims to improve graduate prospects for students at the University of St Andrews, by acting as a peer-mentoring service through providing advice from students that have been through the processes themselves. The Guild will act as a hub for career and networking resources, hosting a network of contacts that have been through competitive application processes and secured roles themselves.
We hope to share useful resources via our website, host a range of events for both networking and learning, provide an increased attractiveness for potential speakers, and above all, encourage collaboration between the many professional services groups on campus.

Guild Contacts

Raghvi Arya

Guild President

Guild Team 1

Guild Role
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Guild Team 2

Guild Role
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Member Group Contacts


Luke Murray

Playfair Consultancy Group


Craig Larkin

Investment Society

John Frey

The Management Society
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Jeanne Adam

School of Management

Sanjana Ramaswamy

School of Economics


Simply fill out a form via the ‘Contact Us’ page (accessed via the menu); we would love to hear from you and welcome any potential collaboration.

Drop an email to staguildpresident@gmail.com and we will get in touch.

Email staguildpresident@gmail.com to discuss hosting a recruiting event/ talk, sponsorship and collaborative opportunities.