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While the following articles are focused on competitive roles in banking and consulting, they can be applied to any student thinking about their careers. For more professional support contact the University of St Andrews Career Centre.
The author of these articles has had various startup and alternative investment internships (PE & VC); they have completed spring weeks at Citi (Investment Banking Division), McKinsey and Deloitte, and received penultimate year summer internship offers from Citi, Moelis & Company, and BCG. 

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The St Andrews Misconception That Good Grades Are Enough

How to Figure Out What You Want to Do With Your Life

What You Should Do and When

What is IB

What is Consulting

Why IB or Consulting are Great Starter Careers for All Degrees

What are the Different Types of Business Internships

What are the Different Types of Firms – Investment Banking

What are the Different Types of Firms – Consulting

What is a Spring Week?

How to Secure Spring Weeks

Where to Start/ Resources and Groups to Help You

Breaking into VC as a British Undergrad


Application Advice

The Ultimate Guide to CVs

The Ultimate Guide to Cover Letters

Psychometric Test Resources

List of Firms with Spring/ Summer/ Graduate Opportunities (note – this was not compiled by us)